Beginner Tennis Clinics

The club is offering a special rate for Beginners Tennis classes, $40 for 8 hours of instruction. If you’ve ever considered picking up tennis as your new sport, or just want to get back after time away, this is your opportunity. Beginners classes will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check the 2017 Tennis Clinic Schedule for times. Register in the Membership Store and you will receive a link from our club administrator to reserve your spot! (8 player limit per class).

Our Pro, Federico Mas will use the ‘Tennis Start’ program in his Beginners classes! This 4-week class teaches the basics of tennis and gets you playing in very little time. The class covers the basic technique for tennis shots, tennis terms and basic strategy for match play. Players may choose to re do the second 4-week session as a ‘brush up’ class, or progress to ‘Start 2’, which is the continuation class.

Participants will receive handouts with useful information as well as practice suggestions to improve your game faster. Best of all, you will make new friends and become part of the great tennis community of Clinton Hills!

Overview of Class Progressions.


  • Week 1 – Court area. Grips. Ball feel. Forehands / Backhands. Basic movement.
  • Week 2 – Forehands, Backhands. Different bounces and speeds of the ball. Rallying.
  • Week 3- Volleys, overheads.
  • Week 4 – Serves. Rallying. Review of all basic strokes. Match components and scoring.


Beginner level continued (advanced beginner). Or, players with some previous experience welcome to join.

  • Week 1- Groundstrokes. Specific components. Introduction to topspin. Rallying.
  • Week 2- Approach shots. Playing points at the net.
  • Week 3- Placement of the ball. Rallying. Start points with serves.
  • Week 4- Point play with serves, approach shots, introduction to doubles play.

*Note – Attendance for the 4-week continuous session is strongly recommended for beginners. Please plan to attend at least one class per week. Following the progression of ‘Tennis Start’ program offers participants the best experience and improvement.
Questions? Contact Tennis ProFederico Mas at or 219-465-8221

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