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It’s finally opening weekend!!!

Clinton Hills Swim Club is excited to welcome new and returning members as the pool opens this weekend!!!

The CHSC Board wants to pass along a few reminders, information and FAQs for Pool Season..

Hours of Operation

Please check the calendar on the website for official hours of the club. Please note that hours will vary by day of the week and throughout the season for things like swim meets, Thursday adult nights, and other activities.  You can always check ahead here.

Deck Reservations

We have launched a new deck reservation system.  It’s tied to you member account, so you will have to login in to schedule a space.  Please check out the new deck reservation page for details on how to make a deck reservation and associated rules.

Before your first visit…Review and update your account

Whether new or existing members, please login to your CHSC account at and under account details add pictures to all members.  A picture will be required to enter the pool.  And creating that perfect selfie while you are trying to check in is harder than you think.

Click the ‘edit’ button next to any member and you should see:

Upload and save changes.

Add a guest credit

In order to bring a guest to the pool, you need to purchase guest credits ahead of time via you membership account on the website at  Guest passes are $5 per guest and good for one visit.  They also roll over from year to year.  Staff checking in your guests will not be able to accept cash or send an invoice

If you have a house guest this summer, please reach out to our club admin via contact us page

Club Rules Refresher

Check out the club rules at  Not a lot has changed over the years, but it’s always good to refer back to them.


On a busy day parking can get tight.  We don’t mind you getting a little creative, but please avoid parking on the grass by the hillside.  We are optimistic the hillside movement is under control at this point…let’s not change that.

Communication Throughout the Season

Look for emails from the club, post on the website, and of course join our facebook and instagram pages.

If you have questions throughout the season we always recommend using the contact us page to reach out.  Otherwise requests tend to get lost in spam folders

As a reminder we are all dealing with this pandemic a little differently, please be respectful of your fellow pool members. Consider social distancing and masking as you are moving about the club, in lines, or in the restrooms.

The pool will be crowded initially, but will taper off as the summer goes on.  Please be patient with each other and all the new staff.

Dolphins get ready!

Great news from the Southern Ohio Swim League (SOSL) 2021 kick-off meeting on April 21, 2021…SOSL is a GO for the 2021 season!

We will have 6 meets with no Championships this year.  Meets to begin on June 15th and end on July 13th.

More details coming soon for sign-up, uniform pickup, and practice schedule.

Swimsafe is hiring!

2020 Season Update

Dear Clinton Hills Members,

We are excited to announce our opening day:  Monday June 1st, 2020.

As previously shared, Clinton Hills will be utilizing a 100% reservation system, with timed entry and exit.  Together with our pool management company SwimSafe, the Board has adopted the below policies for the 2020 season.

Please be sure to take the time to review the below policies prior to your first visit to the club this summer.  Advanced reservations will be made via your member account.  The reservation system is currently undergoing testing and an email will be sent to the membership when the system is live.

It is important to note that we anticipate adjusting these policies throughout the summer, if necessary, once data and experience is gained.  Please share your pool visit feedback with us via our website.

REMINDER: Please also login to your member account and update your photo and contact information.  All members must have a photo uploaded to your account prior to visiting the pool.

If you have not yet completed your membership renewal, login to your member account or email with questions or concerns.

We look forward to swimming with you this summer!

The Clinton Hills Swim Club Board of Trustees

CHSC 2020 Policies-05292020

Swim Team update Feb 2020

Dear Clinton Hills Family,
Thank you to everyone who gave feedback about the possibility of our team moving to PPSL swim league. With much consideration, we have decided to stay with SOSL(Southern Ohio Swim League).
Here are the reasons we decided to stay with SOSL:
  • Additional research is needed to address the feasibility of having a diving team.
  • The lesser amount of competitive swim opportunity.
  • The separated championships.
The Summer sports committee along with the CHSC board have agreed to postpone the move to PPSL. This may be revisited at the end of the summer swim season to allow more input from swim team families.
The Summer Sports Committee is made up of three CHSC board members:
Susie MacDonnell
Nicole Reblando
One thing we saw in the responses is a chance to swim with our friends at Clifton Meadows. We will reach to them and plan to organize an exhibition meet at the beginning the season.
Warm Regards,
Nicole Rebalndo
Interim Swim Team Liaison


Thursday August 29th at 6:30 PM

Dear Clinton Hills Swim Club Member,

We wanted to provide an update on the CHSC Annual Meeting, scheduled for Thursday August 29th at 6:30 PMWe have moved the meeting location to the North Avondale Recreation Center Gymnasium due to the size of the crowd we expect.  The address is 617 Clinton Springs Avenue, right up the road from the swim club.

As you know, we will be discussing the future of Clinton Hills Swim Club and the potential Master Plan at this Annual Meeting, as well as voting on a path forward.

Please feel free to bring snacks and clear beverages to enjoy.  The Rec Center does not allow colored beverages due to the possibility of staining their gymnasium floor.

Each membership receives 1 vote, per our bylaws, so feel free to send a family representative.

You can RSVP to the Facebook event if you are on Facebook.  We will also send 2-3 reminders to members via email due to the importance of this meeting.  Signs will also be hung at the club.

We received a lot of helpful feedback via our survey in July (thank you!), and will be providing an informational package, including a Q&A section, in advance of the Annual Meeting to help answer common questions.

In the interim, if you have any questions, please reach out to any of the Board members or Nick Brown directly at We will do our best to answer your questions or provide you with any available information.

We look forward to another 60 years at Clinton Hills Swim Club!

Best regards,

CHSC Board of Trustees

Nick Brown, President
Louis Schneider, Vice President
Sarah Rich, Vice President
Tom Kendall, Secretary
Justin Stone, Treasurer
Annie Coates, Social
Datha Harrison, Swim Team
Charlene Morse, Communications
Nicole Reblando, Tennis and Water Polo
Gus Thierry, Facilities
Eric Thompson, Technology

The pool will be closed on Saturday July 13th

The pool will be closed on Saturday July 13th due to a water leak. This necessitated turning the water off, so there is currently no bathroom access. We are working to repair the leak as soon as possible and will send an update email when the pool re-opens.

Thank you for your understanding,

CHSC Board of Trustees

Home Swim Meet 7/9

Home Swim Meet 7/9

Pool will close at 4p .

Tues 6/12 – Pool will close early @ 4pm for 1st swim meet

Pool will close early on Tues 6/11 at 4pm for our first Swim Meet.

Please plan your visit accordingly

Thanks and Good Luck Dolphins!!!


New Club Logo & Branding in 2019 

Notice anything different lately?  In the 2018-2019 off season, a branding committee began working with a local graphic designer (Bethany Roa Design) to re-brand our Clinton Hills Swim Club with an updated logo for physical signage, social media accounts, and promotional materials.  Many logos were designed, reviewed, and discarded – until we landed on what you see here.  This logo reflects our fun “summer camp” environment, with a couple of nods to our mid-century architecture and history.  You can see we’ve added some graphic waves and trees and you might even spot a hidden swim lane right through the middle of the design!  In summer 2019, we’ll be designing t-shirts, car magnets and other promotional materials for member purchase that highlight this new logo and share our pride in Clinton Hills Swim Club.