Use this form to purchase Single Use Guest Passes , a Season Guest Pass and/or a Baby Sitter Pass.

When payment is received a club administrator will add the pass to your account.

Please Note: It may take a day or two to add the pass to your account depending on when your order is placed. If you intend to use it immediately please bring a copy of your receipt to show the front desk.

Season Guest Pass

The purchase of a Season Guest Pass by a member (single or family) allow the member to bring one guest to the club during each visit without being required to pay the daily guest fee. This guest must be accompanied by the member at all times while at the club. This guest does not have clinic, lesson, or swim team privileges. Any guests in addition to one per day will be subject to the standard daily guest fee. Limit of one (1) Season Guest Pass per membership. Price includes 7% Hamilton County Sales Tax.

Babysitter Card

To add a babysitter pass to your account for the season, please enter “Babysitter” for both the first and last names when prompted.  A babysitting card allows babysitters (age 15 or older) to accompany members’ child(ren) without a guest fee – when the parent(s) are not also at the pool.

Guest Passes

PLEASE NOTE: Daily guests are not permitted in 2020. General Guest Passes can be purchased at any time.  You can purchase as many as you want and credits can be applied during you check-in process.  Guest Passes cost $5.

You must be logged into your pool account to purchase passes.