Family Membership

2019 Annual Dues: $635 + sales tax
The non-refundable initiation fee for a Family membership is $500, with $100 due the first year of membership, and $200 due the second and third years of membership.

Single Adult Membership

2019 Annual Dues: $320 +  sales tax
The non-refundable initiation fee for a Single membership is $300, with $50 due the first year of membership and $125 due the second and third years of membership.

More Info

  • A family is considered two married spouses or their equivalent (a couple living in what they consider a durable relationship) and their children.
  • A single parent and that parent’s children also constitute a family membership.
  • A Family Membership can include a member’s own parents and grandparents, BUT only if those parents or grandparents live full time in the member’s home.
  • Grandchildren of a member do not qualify under the member’s family membership UNLESS the grandparent has sole custody of the grandchildren and they live full time in the member’s household without the children’s parent(s) present.
  • Young adult children living at home and not in school may remain on a Family Membership through age 21; after such time, the establishment of a separate membership with initiation fee is required. Full-time dependent students may remain on their parents’ family membership through age 24.
  • Married children of a member and any of their children constitute a separate family even if they do live in the same household with a present member.
  • Exchange students are included in your Family Membership at no additional charge; please email the membership chair with their information and length of stay.

Unattended Children at the Pool

  • Member children age 12 and older may be left unattended at the club, while member children under age 12 must be watched by someone age 15 or older. Guest children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult or a babysitter age 15 or older.

Senior Membership

A Senior Membership is available to those members who qualify and request senior membership status before renewing their annual dues for the year. To qualify the member (all adults on family membership) must be over the age of 67 and have been a continuous member of Clinton Hills Swim Club for no less than 10 seasons. If eligible for Senior Membership Status please contact the club administrator at to request your status change. Any request for Senior Membership Status after annual dues have been paid for the year will be effective the following season.

Start the fun Now!



Clinton Hills members may bring guests to the pool for a small fee of $5 per person over the age of 3, 7 days per week. Guests under the age of 3 are free!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Members must be present at the club with their guests at all time.  Guests under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult member or a babysitter age 15 or older.
  • Guests must sign in the front desk.
  • Each guest is limited to 6 pool visits per summer.


Fee: $50 +  sales tax

Active Members who have paid the full Initiation Fee who wish to take a leave of absence or sabbatical from the full membership at CHSC must submit their membership renewal indicating so along with a sabbatical fee. Payment of the sabbatical fee allows for the member to re-activate their membership the following year without being subject to a new initiation fee. Failure to pay the sabbatical fee or renew membership will result in the forfeiture of membership, thereby making any future renewal subject to the current initiation fee.

Babysitter Card

Annual fee: $40 +  sales tax
This allows a babysitter (15 years or older) to accompany a member’s children at the pool when they are unable to be present themselves. When the members are present, the babysitter will be considered a guest of the member and subject to the standard daily guest fees.

Season Guest Pass

Annual fee: $275 +  sales tax
The purchase of a Season Guest Pass by a member (single or family) allow the member to bring one guest to the club during each visit without being required to pay the daily guest fee. This guest must be accompanied by the member at all times while at the club. This guest does not have clinic, lesson, or swim team privileges. Any guests in addition to one per day will be subject to the standard daily guest fee. Limit of one (1) Season Guest Pass per membership.

Exchange Students

Exchange Students living with a member are included in a family membership at no additional cost.

Please email with the student’s name to be added to the roster.

House Guests

Membership includes an option for house guests.

  • Cost is $30 per 7-day week, whether the house guest uses the pool the entire week or not.
  • House Guest fees include the guest, his or her partner, and dependent children.
  • House Guest privileges are limited to no more than 2 weeks without the written consent of the board of trustees.
  • House Guests may only be house guests of 1 member in any year without the written consent of the board of trustees.