Mailing Address
PO Box 17179
Cincinnati, Ohio 45217

Physical Address
53 Clinton Springs Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45217

Phone Number
513-281-1499 (answered only during the season)

Email Addresses

President: Eric Thompson
Vice President: Lauren Amos
Treasurer: Justin Stone
Secretary: Marie Knecht-Germain
Communication: Stephanie Beck Borden
Social: Lauren Amos
Facilities: Matt Duddey
Swim Team Chair: Chris Norris *
Technology: Chris Norris
Tennis Chair: Liz Brown
Trustee: Tom Beridon
Trustee: Laura Herman *
Trustee: Imu Aloway
Trustee: Dan Knecht
Swim Team Coach: Scott Fortier 
Pool Manager: Erin Sprague
SwimSafe Regional Manager: Seth Jansen
Club Administrator: Tricia Renneker

* – Sports Committee (

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