Family Membership

  • A family is considered two married spouses or their equivalent (a couple living in what they consider a durable relationship) and their children.
  • A single parent and that parent’s children also constitute a family membership.
  • A family membership can include a member’s own parents and grandparents, BUT only if those parents or grandparents live full time in the member’s home.
  • Grandchildren of a member do not qualify under the member’s family membership UNLESS the grandparent has sole custody of the grandchildren and they live full time in the member’s household without the children’s parent(s) present.
  • Young adult children living at home and not in school may remain on a family membership through age 21; after such time, establishment of a separate membership with initiation fee is required. Full-time dependent students may remain on their parents’ family membership through age 24.
  • Married children of a member and any of their children constitute a separate family even if they do live in the same household with a present member.
  • Exchange students are included on your Family Membership at no additional charge; please email the membership chair with their information and length of stay.

Price includes 7.8% Hamilton County Sales Tax.