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  • Water Polo Clinics

    CHSC is pleased to annouce two, 3-day water polo clinics!

    Keira Hassel, our CHSC waterpolo coach, will offer two WP clinics:
    • 08/03-8/5
    • 08/10-8/12
    Keira will instruct participants in skills and techniques necessary for successful waterpolo play. (Ages 12-18 unless approved by Coach Keira.)
    Limiting participation to 9 swimmers for appropriate social distancing and safety.
    $15 for one week-long clinic, made up of three 45 minute sessions, 8:30pm to 9:15pm, M/T/W.
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  • I hereby agree that the Clinton Hills Swim Club, its coaches, members, and board shall not be liable for any injury or loss that my child or children may sustain while participating in activities of any kind whether sponsored by or under the supervision of Clinton Hills Swim Club. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Clinton Hills Swim Club and its members, coaches, and board or designates of any kind from any claim whatsoever.

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