Queen City Water Polo will return for the second season at Clinton Hills for ages 11-18! Queen City is a team dedicated to teaching the sport of water polo while developing individual skills and a team atmosphere. We are a grassroots team founded by players who want to spread their love of the game.

The sport of water polo is still very young in the city of Cincinnati but has a presence on the east side and at several high schools as well as the collegiate club and masters club level. The main component for the growth of water polo is the access to pools. A majority of the pools available on the west side of Cincinnati are only available in the summer. The goal of this initiative is to present the sport of water polo to an unexposed demographic of Cincinnati for the promotion of youth sport as well as the sport of water polo.

For questions, email Keira: waterpolo@clintonhills.com

Season: Early June – Late July

Ages: This co-ed program will be for ages 11-18. Water polo is a contact sport and has some complex components, both from the standpoint of learning the rules of the game, but also the physiological aspect of the body moving through the water. In addition, by the age of 11, most participants will be able, on average, to grasp the concepts of the game and will be less at risk of injury.

Practice Times: Monday and Wednesday nights 8:00pm-9:15 pm. This way there is no interference with swim practice, swim meets, and minimal interference with the regular pool hours.

Scrimmages: Saturday mornings, at North Hills Swim Club from 9-11am.

Fee: $50

Coach: Keira Hassel will be heading up our Clinton Hills team for Queen City Water Polo rec league. Besides being a very accomplished swimmer, Keira has played water polo locally for Sycamore Aviators and currently for Miami University’s Water Polo team. She will be coaching along with Xavier University’s Water Polo team at Clinton Hills. Queen City Water Polo is created as a community based rec league, and Clinton Hills team will be scrimmaging against other local pools on Saturday mornings.

Join our co-ed water polo team for ages 11 to 18