Swim Team update Feb 2020

Dear Clinton Hills Family,
Thank you to everyone who gave feedback about the possibility of our team moving to PPSL swim league. With much consideration, we have decided to stay with SOSL(Southern Ohio Swim League).
Here are the reasons we decided to stay with SOSL:
  • Additional research is needed to address the feasibility of having a diving team.
  • The lesser amount of competitive swim opportunity.
  • The separated championships.
The Summer sports committee along with the CHSC board have agreed to postpone the move to PPSL. This may be revisited at the end of the summer swim season to allow more input from swim team families.
The Summer Sports Committee is made up of three CHSC board members:
Susie MacDonnell susmac@gmail.com
Nicole Reblando nicreblando@gmail.com
One thing we saw in the responses is a chance to swim with our friends at Clifton Meadows. We will reach to them and plan to organize an exhibition meet at the beginning the season.
Warm Regards,
Nicole Rebalndo
Interim Swim Team Liaison